Welcome to MoMo Gaming MineCraftPe.
We currently have 2 servers running,
One server is running Nukkit 1.8.0 and a few plugins such as mobplugin and lock.
this server is a 1gb (small) and 50 player, you can find it @ momomcpe.com:19154 If you like the server please vote for us by clicking on the vote button. Thank You.

The second server is running Bedrock alpha official and has no plugins. This is a Vanilla server with 4gb ram and is 10 player due to connection. The server can be found @ momogaming.fun:19132
Our Minecraft Server is intergraded with our Discord channel
Please join Our Discord and as always Enjoy.

Server Rules for all our servers
NO Racism
No Bullying
No begging for OP
No Cheating
Respect Admins
If you have a problem contact Admins on our Discord
Thank you.
Server Admin Blazedallup
Server Admin Blazedallup
To Apply for Admin/OP Join our Discord and talk with Blings. Thank you
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